DIY Urban Outfitters Knock-off coasters

I definitely am guilty of having champagne taste on a beer budget. Okay, let’s be honest, it’s more like $1 wells night budget.  So, I have to get creative and find affordable ways to make items that I see and love. Recently, while shopping for housewarming gifts for one of my girlfriends, I came across these coasters in Urban Outfitters…


They’re really cute and all, but for $19 I kind of got the feeling I was being ripped off (I get this feeling often at Urban). So, for $2.96 I made my own personalized coasters that I love…

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

It was super easy and super cheap to make these coasters. It was great not only saving money, but making something truly personal for my friend. I love that you can choose whatever colors and design work best for your style!

Supply list:

6 tiles: I got mine from Home Depot for .16 cents a piece

6 different stationary designs: I picked up my stationary paper at Hobby Lobby for .50 cents a piece. Some had designs on the front and back which saved money.

Mod Podge/brush

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

First, measure and cut your squares of stationary paper. I used a paper cutter but if you have a steady hand, I think scissors would work just fine.

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

Second, Mod Podge your tiles. Make sure you reach the sides and corners, otherwise the edges of your paper won’t stick.

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

Third, put your paper squares on the tiles. Smooth out the bubbles and let it dry. After your tiles are dry, seal your coasters with Mod Podge. I put on two coats just to be safe.

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

Andddd you’re done! Now you have a set of super cute personalized coasters for under $3.00!

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

DIY Urban Outfitters Coasters

I just love these! How did yours turn out? What stationary did you use??

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